Wanted cowon D2

    Anyone know the cheapest place to get a cowon d2 (can do without dab radio if the price difference is a large margin)
    The cheapest place seems to be advancedmp3 player.
    Cheers. (can include vouchers and quidco)


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    Got student cards if that helps?

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    Mods can you close this as there is no replies.

    Well, sadly...I've been hunting down the same, and while Cowon are easily the best - better than Sony, who are 2nd - their prices are just ******** ridiculous. The disgustingly overpriced Q series being a case in point. You can buy a laptop - a GOOD laptop - for the price of not even the top of the range Q5.
    And as such, few sell them.
    Theres who have a 10% off all cowon stuff.
    Best of the lot ?
    Not any opposition, thats why.

    advanced mp3 players is the cheapest place you can get it for 16gb d2
    VAT now 15% not 17.5%
    -10% with the code AFFXMASCOWON
    -4% quidco
    then buy a 16gb SDHC card for around £17 and you got a 32GB flash player!
    ohh and a free case
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