Wanted - CRT TV -either 21" - 24" - 26" - 28"

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Found 24th Mar 2007
I am looking for a bargain tv, that is not to big, as it is only for the bedroom, but i need one to have a scart socket (RGB) so i can hook it upto my sky box

i am thinking atleast 21" and the max i would say is 26, at a push 28""

i am looking at spending as little as possible- so if there are any bargains for say £50 i would go for that

asda have a 21" tv for £79 and also have a 28" tv for £99.99, but i do not really want to stretch that high

anyone seen anything that might be worth considering


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For that price I would go looking in a second hand shop or maybe cash converters(or something similar).
Chances are that you may pick up a good branded 2nd hand crt that will be better and cheaper than a dearer less well known new one.

Had a look....79.99 seems to be the cheapest.

We have a few old CRTs at the mo.. if your near pompy drop me a pm. Think they are between 14" and 32" - switched everything to HD TFTs/LCDs and Plasma

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cheers for the replys

unfortunatly, i am no-where near you sean.

Fair enough worth a try. Guess they'll be going to charity shop then
Worth trying your local British Heart Foundation Electronics + Furtniture store. Should be able to get one within your budget no problems.. and money goes to a good cause too.

^Got any pics of the 32" CRT's?

Can get one if your seriously interested. (would need to be collected)
Pm me if so as to not clutter up this guys thread.

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what do you guys think of this

worth a punt?

refurbished/used and only 30 day guarantee

removed link***


what do you guys think of thisworth a punt?refurbished/used and only 30 … what do you guys think of thisworth a punt?refurbished/used and only 30 day guarantee]LINK

fleabay links is a no-no :giggle:

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fleabay links is a no-no :giggle:


removed it


£65 delivered


here is the info

28" Widescreen Silver
66cm Viewable Screen
Nicam Stereo
2 Scart Sockets
Auto Volume Level
NTSC Playback
Remote Control
Headphone Socket
Easy Setup
Dimensions; Height: 19", Width: 32", Depth: 18"

Electrosave offers a 30 day return policy only if the item sold is found … Electrosave offers a 30 day return policy only if the item sold is found to be defective. The defective item will be collected by us at the point of delivery. All items are store returns that have been refurbishedPlease take a moment to leave us positive feedback and we will surely do the same for you. Due to the large amount of auctions we host each week, we leave our feedback in large batches. We are determined to resolve any problems immediately! Please give us the opportunity to help you. Any customer that leaves negative/neutral feedback without giving us the opportunity to resolve the problem, will unfortunately receive negative feedback in return. By purchasing this item you are agreeing to have read and understood all terms of this auction. As we receive a large number of emails and queries a day, please do not take offence if your email is not answered

Where are you based mate?

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Where are you based mate?

north wales
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