wanted - decent hiking/walking shoes/boots with "vibram" sole

Found 4th Sep 2008

i have a dicky back. doc says i should do some walking to help it. physio says i should choose shoes with a vibram sole unit. she said firms such as the north face, merrell and scarpa use these soles.

anyone know of good deals out there?

i'm a fella, size around 7.5 to 8.

shoe size that is.

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why the small feet? jk..

if you live in london go to lillywhites... have loads of hiking stuff on top floor... bargain prices with vibram soles.
our lass constantly takes the p**s out of me cos of the size of my plates of meat.

i'm up north, way way past the likes of manchester in the midlands.

so, ta but london not an option but t'internet or mail order is.....................
try this place.... fieldandtrek.com/

its the shop at the top of lillywhite but the prices on the net arent as good....

good luck!
The sole of a boot is important, but don't overlook the footbed (insole). This acts as a shock absorber each time you put your foot down and this is important if you have dodgy knees or back. Boot manufacturers often fit inferior footbeds but you can remove them and fit something better (such as Sorbothane or Superfeet).
thanks doberman
tk maxx often has good deals on boots - often with vibram soles - do you have one near you?

fieldandtrek is good stuff but usually expensive

If you want to get a good pair for your feet - you really need to try them on, the right fit will have a big impact i'd think.
cheers ciao - got a tk maxxxx fairly near. i'll check it out.
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