wanted decent indoor ariel

    is there such a thing looking for one that will be strong enough to pckup freeview channels that are built into my tv,dont mind if i have to plug it into a booster to work its just an outdoor 1 is no possible


    Have a look on [url][/url] there website might help you.

    What about sticking one in the loft , do you have a built in cupboard in the room.
    Along under edge of carpet through cupboard and up into loft.
    Got this one in our loft, very powerful signal.…htm

    Original Poster

    thanks for advice but loft is converted into bedroom so thats no really an option

    There's no such thing in my opinion. Some signal boosters work, but not very well for digital terrestrial TV like Freeview.

    We're in such a strong signal area that a coat hanger near the window will pick up everything, but I have had to fit a 26dB attenuator to the roof aerial cable so that the signal is damped down enough for my equipment.
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