WANTED -- Decent Mobile phone - needs to work on ORANGE or be unlocked

Ok can any one point me in the right direction. I'm looking to buy a phone as a gift, have upto £100 to spend ideal £70/80.
.................Needs to..............
be open to orange or be unlocked
be new in box
have a decent camera on it 3mp plus.......

Anyone got one to sell or can anyone point me in the direction of a good deal.... ty peeepppss xxx


Is this the right section?
For a good camera I'd say go for the k800i it's also pretty cheap around £40-50.

due to the rule change clarifaction earlier today you cant use misc to instigate interest for a sale though skilly...just as a warning :thumbsup:

[SIZE=3]LISTING A TRADE, SALE OR REQUEST [/SIZE]Full FS Rules will apply … [SIZE=3]LISTING A TRADE, SALE OR REQUEST [/SIZE]Full FS Rules will apply to ANY thread listing of items in other forums here, including requests for pricing.

Please note the above and use either Deal Requests or the FS forum for the specific phone you're looking for.
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