WANTED: Decent phone with BIG memory

Found 11th May 2007
Hi peeps

I currently have a Nokia 6210i
This has 1.3MP camera, FM Radio and 32Mb INTERNAL memory

I use the calendar loads and it is near full up and I believe this is all controlled by the internal memory
Also I keep running out of room to receive text msgs even tho I'm constantly deleted them, so I assume that's related

So, I'm pretty sure I need a phone with more internal memory
(I probably need a PDA but I dont want anything that big)

Can anyone recommend one or have one for sale?

Must have same spec camera or better, and a radio

many thx


Try the sony erricson K750i it doesnt have much more internal memory however it takes Sony memory stick duo cards and you can get $gb ones if you want, the phone comes with i 64mb card. i got one of these recently its an exellent phone and the 2mp camera is fab quality

sorry 4gb ones

K800 has 64mb internal memory but takes upto 2Gb M2 memory cards (not that cheap, a little over £15 per gb) but has excellent camera and everything else. Great phone for photos, but you may be better with a PDA style phone by the sounds of it...

Sony Ericsson K750i On Vodafone Prepay - £64.99 @ ]Play.com

SanDisk Gaming Memory Stick PRO Duo 4GB - £35.99 @ ]Play.com

Total Cost For An Excellent Phone & A HUGE Memory Card: £100.98

Whats your budget?

SE W950? About £150 ish, 4 gig internal memory I think

Original Poster

Hi peeps

Thx 4 ur suggestions

I don't think any of the Sony Ericsson's have an FM radio so that knocks them out

My budget is £100

Been looking at PDA's on eBay
many are 2 expensive
many are 2 big
I'm probably not alone in thinking the xda Orbit looks a gd buy but I can't afford one!

Any other recomendations?
So far I only shortlisted an Orange SPV C550 altho' I don't think it has a radio!



Sony Ericsson K750i On Vodafone Prepay - £64.99 @ ]Play.comSanDisk Gaming … Sony Ericsson K750i On Vodafone Prepay - £64.99 @ ]Play.comSanDisk Gaming Memory Stick PRO Duo 4GB - £35.99 @ ]Play.comTotal Cost For An Excellent Phone & A HUGE Memory Card: £100.98

Can K750i take PRO Duo's? I thought they just took Duo's? :? :thinking:

Nokia N91? 4GB and 8GB models around, surely thats enough memory lol

If you want a decent phone with decent space and fm radio I think you need to increase your budget to a at least £150 so people can get you the best deal for what you need.

Someone on these pages has a Nokia E61 for sale unused for £100.

If you can get the ]SPV C600 though it will be just what you want and is easily available for under £100; no radio though.

Cheers, Dio

The problems in regards to text messages isn't to do with the memory, all phones have a limit set on how many text messages you can have stored.

The best phone for under £100 is SE K750i which has radio, and you can expand the memory. Inbuilt memory 38mb. 2mp camera. Available from most places for 99.99 (Argos, Tescos, Carphone etc...)


Can K750i take PRO Duo's? I thought they just took Duo's? :? :thinking:

They do take pro duos

And it DOES Have an FM radio!!! :thumbsup:


They do take pro duos :)And it DOES Have an FM radio!!! :thumbsup:

I can second that.
I currently have a 2gb Pro Duo in the phone and as with most phones you need the earphones plugged into the phone in order for the FM radio to work.
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