WANTED decent sized packing Boxes

    Hi I will be moving in the next month or so and am after some good strong packing boxes. Any ideas on where to get some would be helpful. I am not after supermarket boxes as they really are not upto the job. Don't mind paying but don't want to spend too much. Thanks for all your help.


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    Hi thanks for the links. very helpful.

    Go to Majestic or other wine merchants and ask them for champagne or spirits boxes. They are much tougher than the usual supermarket stuff.

    Ask on your local Freecycle or Freegle group - there are always loads of people asking for or giving away boxes following house moves. Be extremely polite and friendly in the post and you've far more chance of getting a response to a 'wanted' post!

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    Hi thanks for all your help people. Now sorted boxes.

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