Wanted desktop set up

Found 21st Aug 2008
needing a good decent desktop ready for my final year at uni next month.
i have a laptop but its not all good for the heavy duty use it is good to carry around, need fast and bigger than 160 hd. need a moniter too but not bothered what sort. keyboard and mouse etc.

would prefer wireless capable but can do ether net if needed to.

now the hard bit id like not to have to spend much. 400 tops. i know i know...

cheers all

rep for help
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nothing. noone, anywhere. please
Why is your laptop not good for heavy duty use? Is it too slow? is it awkward to use?
its huge and heavy, but it gets too hot and switches itsself offhalf way through work, plus hard drive is full
oh and i lost the ss key. and its only 3 or 4 months old

oh and i lost the ss key. and its only 3 or 4 months old

I didnt know keyboards came with ss keys:p
I Know Lol
anybody today going to help a damsel in distress
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