Wanted: DeWalt Mens Defender Rigger Boots (Safety Boots) in size nine.

Found 23rd Nov 2008
Im looking for these boots. Cant find them where I have looked. I am also submitting a picture. Anyone who finds them I will be very gratefull and send them £10 through paypal!!


How come the pic is not coming up
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Screwfix at £54.99 there may be some money off codes knocking about

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If you look at the pictures they are not the same. The ones i found were on this website


I think the material is different. Also the ones you have found are rigger 2 boots.
£39 at tlc-direct.co.uk/Pro…tml various locations that they could be picked up throughout the UK to avoid any P&P charges.
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Is it just me or the ones in my look different to the ones in yours? Different colours aswell.

Not sure
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the ones i found are only in size 7. they dont have size 9 lol
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Im not sure.. i think my ones are more of a tan leather colour. The others are more like a dark brown? What do you think?
i think its just different pictures make the colour look different. If they end up like my Jallatte's you wouldnt know what colour they started out!!
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Thanks for your help btw. I think it must just be the colour
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Anyone else find any?
they changed the supplier of the rigger boot! that why they changed it

old one was a better boot.

good luck finding a old style boot!
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