Wanted: disc drive for laptop please read

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Found 5th Jan 2010
Hey guys

i am a complete NoooooooooB at this so be wary

got a real old laptop that i wanna have a go at fixing to give to a family member but i need to A get a new disc drive for it as usb job don't work so i can reformat it to get it working again

nothing brill i'm after just something that will read a disc not even after a writer or anything

any advice links to cheapo parts or anyone got one they wanna sell i'm all ears

cheers !


If the old laptop already has a internal disk drive ,take it out , there normally held into the case with 1or 2 screws ,it should just slide out . Make note of the type/number and check on ebay . I've bought and sold them on the bay ,so ,thats the first place to look . You could get an external CD/DVD drive . This plugs into a USB port on the laptop and allows you to install software . Maybe not a OS [operating system ] if the laptop wont boot from the USB ports, many old laptops wont . If the USB ports are broken now you may find them working again once youv'e installed a fresh OS .But ,maybe a good second hand internal drive may be your only answer .

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cheers will give it a go at takin it out see what i get lol rep added
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