Wanted - Discount codes for hotel booking

    Does anyone have any discount codes for sites such as,, expedia etc
    I'm looking to book a particular hotel for new york in october and would love a discount of some sort as they're all so expensive!!!
    Thanks in advance if anyone can help!


    [url][/url] is one i have used a few i have saved between 10 and 35 quid so might be worth a shout for you

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    thanks. i'll give it a go!
    if anyone else reads this and can help i'm particulary looking for discount codes now as in doing my search this is offering the cheapest rates for the hotel i want. I've been trying to find codes and holding off from booking hoping some would come up for my hotel for about 2 months because it's so expensive! lol

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    If anyone knows any, they usually post them as vouchers. Use the front page filters for each merchant to check...

    I often use for hotel bookings. Code D53XZEN will get you 4% off the reservation total.
    Unlike etc you don't have to pay until you depart either

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    i had a look on those websites but they don't list the particular hotel i need.
    Looks like i'm just gonna have to book on and pay the full wack! i don't think they have any discount codes out at the minute unfortunatley!
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