Wanted discounts for Disney/Universal park tickets in Orlando USA

Found 29th Mar 2008
Anyone know of good deals for Disney, Universal Studios, Seaworld etc
We're going in July for 1 week.
Thanks in advance.
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I used this firm a couple of years ago and was very satisfied - was the cheapest I could find at the time as well.

OP Disney fingerprint your tickets these days so don't recommend buying part-used ones from the net. I use a company called Orlando Attraactions usually but it's worth shopping around on-line.

this is the official Universal site and the price the link relates to is a 7day x2park unlimited access ticket. Recently reduced and I can't beat it this offer (yet!!). Have used this link before from UK to buy US tickets and there is no problem. Also note, the tickets will never expire if they are not activated--once started the clock begins to tick! Have also heard that if you fill in the online survey at the time of booking they give you a $150 voucher to spend in Universal.


various combos of tickets via this link--including the new Seaworld water park Aquatica. Again a link to official site but these offer prices are exceptional via this link.

Good luck
Disney Magic Kingdom run 'parties' throughout the year e.g. Pirate & Princess party (see their website for dates and tickets). They close the park to ordinary guests at about 6pm and open it to party ticket holders only until midnight. Free gifts and sweets are included (unlimited!!!) & extra entertainment/shows. The rides are all open and virtually empty - you will not queue for the best rides. We went in August (peak time) and its much better than going in the day and CHEAPER! We paid $36 for an adult (12+) - about £19. If you buy a park hopper ticket the party does not count as one of your admissions - bonus.
Undercover tourist or mapleleaftickets offer some of the cheapeast tickets around. Just ordered mine from undercover.
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If you want Universal Tickets don't buy from the UK site try this link.


We went last March and booked the tickets in advance in dollars saving us money, we had to ring them in the USA because it wouldn't accept payment online (I think it the website would only accept US residents payments). We arranged to have the tickets collected at the park and took photo id, the credit card used etc.

For Disney tickets try this site.


Again, we paid in dollars, saving a packet on UK prices, paid online and collected the tickets at the Orlando Info centre on International drive.

We saved a load of money this way and the £pound is even stronger against the $dollar now than it was last March.
Depending on how long you are going for and if you intend going back next year Universal have a great deral on annual passes I paid approx £80 for an annual pass last august and I am going back this year 2 weeks before the dte I went last year so I get to use the annual pass on two visits, also if I want to renew it will only cost $100 for another year, sometimes they do a two year annual pass (2 for 1) at some points in the year nut sure if they are doing it now though worth checking the Universal site- happeeeee holidays - cant wait
Also worth seeing - Arabian Knights dinner show great cheap tickets here
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