WANTED Dolce Gusto codes Please!!

    I am desperate to buy a capsule holder for my pods to live in but its 1000 points......Im getting there slowly I now have 800 points so I need another 200 points. I don't surpose their are any guardian Angels out there with a few box's of capsuls or machine they are not going to register is there????
    I would be very grateful if anyone would let me have their codes............pretty please


    I use a Brabantia breadbin for mine

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    MMMMmmmmmm im sure that looks ok......nut other half really has set his heart on the wire rack holder thing at 1000 points and there is no swaying him!!
    But thanks for the suggestion any way
    So what are you doing with all your points then........what are you saving for??

    I use the points to make orders from the Dolce Gusto online shop. Once I get > 320 points I get two boxes 'free' from the store and I order enough to get free shipping. It's the only way I can get hold of flavours not stocked in my local supermarkets or cash & carry, such as Espresso Intenso, Decaff and Cappuccino Ice.

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    Oh right how much do you need to order to get free delivery please?

    Just over thirty quids worth or so.
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