wanted doll size trampoline (for desk top)

Found 27th Jun 2008
a few weeks ago my sister in law hurt herself on my sons trampoline, shes now in pot. im looking to buy a tiny trampoline for her to put on her desk to remind her not to go on trampolnes again...i know she wont be going on sons anymore as it got trashed in the bad winds recently flying through neighbours fence. hoe ive got this right its my first attempt
karen xxx
please please please need one soon
thank you


You have all the luck...lol

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has anyone got any ideas where i might get one from...ive even been looking at all the small doll play sets to see if one is in it...think this is an impossible task

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you obviously dont know how bad i am at anything arty...i cant even draw a straight line with a ruler..but im that desperate i might have to try it...do have the mangled remains of the offending item could put some bits in a frame for her

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the laughing from everyone would make people think there was another earth quake and that one was scary enough(i live 6 miles from where epicentre was)but seriously thiking about the picture with bits from it
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