WANTED - Dressing up advice/costumes - can u help?

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Found 22nd May 2011
Ok so i hate dressing up but this year i have to do it twice and wondered if anyone had an ideas as to where to go or had items to sell that could help

firstly i need a 60's outfit for our school do (in school hours so cant be short) Im a size 14-16 so need a head to toe look

Secondly my friend is having a "folky" fairyland do - she has suggested fairies. elves, gnomes etc - ok so wings are easy but what else!

I dont have much money for these so if anyone has anything they are selling cheap id be very grateful!


go on the vintage clothes and accessories section on ebay and search for 60's, you'll find loads of outfits, maybe a flowery all in one, or a long hippy dress would be most suitable for keeping covered, you should be able to get the outfit for less than £20, maybe much less.

as for folk fairyland, in my opinion, if u are going to get wings, get small ones, no longer than the length of your forearm-ish really otherwise they will really get on your nerves, ull be catching them on doorways, knocking things over, getting caught in chairs etc. if u get some gauzy ones, go for a nice sheer floaty dress with some sparkly tights, dolly shoes, and maybe get some fake vines from a flower shop and wrap them around wrists, ankles, neck maybe, or round your head like a headband, and some sticky crystals from somewhere like claires and stick them on ur cheeks or above one eyebrow, with pale makeup, oh and some cheap glitter spray, and spray your whole outfit when done so you are all sparkly.
I dont have anything to sell, but I hope i have been some help
try going round a couple of carboots for the vintage outfit and a nice dress, or look in charity shops and ebay, u should be able to get each outfit for £20 in my opinion

Try to avoid Postman Pat this year.

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does anyone have any 60's clothing they are looking to sell in 14/16
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