Wanted DVD player with USB input and DivX support

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Found 11th Feb 2009
Can anyone suggest a good deal on a dvd player that has USB input and DivX support please ? I'd like to be able to watch avi and divx directly from a flash drive.

The Phillips DVP5990/05 was recommended to someone else on Hotdeals a while back, are there any other models that might be worth considering ?

Ideally around the £50 region if possible.

Thanks in advance.

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The DVP5980 also does DivX and has USB and is available at some Richer Sounds shops for £49.95 in multiregion richersounds.com/sho…980

Maplins had one last year, and I am sure that they'll sell another one soon. It was £30, and played divx via DVD, USB, and SD cards. It also had HDMI out, but I never tried it.

It was small, and easily portable. Gave up using it as a DVD player, and just use it as a easy way toplay divx on the TV.

I have one that I've been looking to sell for quite some time now. I would part with it for £20 + £5 p&p.
It's a Semtek I think. It connects via scart or HDMI. If you are interested, send me message.

Sorry, the brand is Sigmatek.

Original Poster

Thanks very much for the replies. The DVP5980 and the 5990, is the only difference that the 5990 will play MP3 ?

Try Pioneer DV-310-K or DV-410-K.
Both very good players from Pioneer, so a top brand.
Will play divX from a memory stick.
I got one from digital point, some time ago and it was multi-region.
Recently got one for my Dad from ask-direct. £66 delivered.
All out of stock, but you could search the model numbers.

Silver one here, multi-region £68 inc delivery.

The choice is yours, but having the 410 in black, i can highly recommend it

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I'll have a look at that one, cheers.


Thanks very much for the replies. The DVP5980 and the 5990, is the only … Thanks very much for the replies. The DVP5980 and the 5990, is the only difference that the 5990 will play MP3 ?

Not that as the 5980 will also playback MP3s on CD.

A line by line inspection reveals:

[*]Minor differences in the presentation of distortion, noise, crosstalk and dynamic range and in standby power but the actual figures are almost certainly identical.
[*]No difference in the technical/features specification at all.[/LIST]I suspect that the difference is that one has a '9' on it and the other has an '8'!

I bought this


Been a great player so far :thumbsup:

I've just purchased the DVP5990/05 from argos for £49.99. If you order the DVP3980 from Argos and then go and collect it you get the DVP5990/05. Quite a number of people are buying these.

Multi-Region is:

open tray
press Setup
select the Preference page/tab
Press 1,3,8,9,3,1
Press up/down key to select "0"
and hit setup to exit

What about one that does the following as well..
USB & NAS\fileshares, as well as doing DivX, Xvid, Upscaling etc?
I'm setting up my old Xbox as an XBMC but it obviously won't do the HD stuff nor will it do upscaling, however I've got loads of DivX and Xvid movies on a 2003 server in my 'office', which i'd like to stream to something to play
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