Wanted: DVD/VHS or Hd Recorder (CHEAP)

    Taped programme on tv the other day..... picture was great - however the sound was from a previous recording.... not impressed.... Tried cleaning video - however still not working.

    So I would like as cheap as possible one of the above (Wanted: DVD/VHS or Hd Recorder)- If anyone has any ideas it is appreciated.....



    I would go for a HD recorder, once you get one you will wonder how you ever did without. They are common place for less than £100 now and some you get built in freeview, if you already have freeview on your tv then this means you can watch one freeview channel while recording another,

    I don't how cheap is cheap to you,but this may be worth a look ]liteon 160gb HDD recorder £122.98 delivered.The link I have given you should show the customer reviews as well,it seems to be well received.

    160 gb should give you about 80hrs of recording space.

    Hope this helps

    edit: as beerman says....go for the HDD recorder if you can afford it,I got a V+ box last week,bluddy great machine it is,great quality recordings,no worries on whether tapes have stretched etc etc

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    I spotted that earlier.... - its about the right price I want to pay - However the word refurb... puts me off.....

    This may still be too dear for you,but it is a good price for what you get ]click it is the 80gb version of the one i previously mentioned,it is £99.99 del......brand new,no refurb and again quite decent customer reviews.

    With these liteon machines you can record stuff from your HDD on to a DVD,it is also a dvd as well,a nifty bit of kit.

    There are cheaper ones around,I think,but they are not always very good,these ones seem to be good for the money.

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    Looks best one Ive seen so far.. and price not too bad... Thanks
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