WANTED Dyson Hoover can anyone help?

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Found 4th Jun 2008
Hi everyone. Ive had my Dyson 5 years and its finally given up. I would like another but am wanting a good deal as i also need an oven as that went wrong too (before the hoover!) Ive seen an allergy Dyson for £169 in tesco plus i get staff discount so could get it for £153. Can anyone do better than this?

Many Thanks


Don't dump the Dyson yet!

Dyson do fixed-price servicing including all necessary bits, in your own home and with a 12 month guarantee.

Our DC07 all floors died of motor failure a couple of months back. It'd have needed a new motor plus post-motor filter, which would be getting on for 60 quid for parts, according to Internet prices.

Dyson's fixed price was £65, so I figured it wasn't worth getting my hands dirty so I filled in the web form on a Wednesday evening.

I was expecting a wait but I got a call back the Thursday morning and arranged the engineer to visit the following Monday.

Dyson supplied and fitted new motor and post-motor filter.

The guy also decided to supply and fit a new clutch assembly, new dive belts, a new pre-motor filter and a new cyclone.

Total value of parts about £120 - supplied & fitted for £65!

It's now back in full working order and sucking like a good 'un

Check out Dyson servicing at


Have to 2nd Fluffykins.

£65 all in, great guy came round after a couple of days, fitted......

New motor, all filters, mains cable, clutch assembly and belts, thing that turns (Normally gets hair and cotton stuck round it). Also ordered for delivery, Hose, Hose wand, base plate.

Can't think what else, all this changed, nearly a new one now, and the parts changed are covered for 12 months (Inc hose splits) for the all in charge.

Great deal and service from Dyson, that was on my 7yr old DC04.

Original Poster

Thanks for the tips guys. The only prob is i think it might have gone past repair.
Its making an awful noise and smells like burning plastic when you turn it on. If they could not fix it would you still have to pay a call out fee?

I said to the guy on the phone, that the motor has burnt out and what if they call out and it is beyond repair, will I still get charged.

They said, a dyson is never beyond repair, and it had never, and never will happen...

If it comes to it the dyson guy will replace every part on it to get it fully up to scratch, it is called a full repair and service....

Up to you anyway.., but phone the 0800 number, not the 0870 to call them if you are going ahead. Or just speak to them, they are very good.

Smoke, smell?

Probaby the motor has gone. (They do work it very hard)

Should't be a problem, but if you're worried just ask the Dyson service line what happens if it's beyond repair, when they call to set up the appointment
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