wanted - empire stores codes

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Found 14th Jan 2007
i want all codes that work on sale items

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I don't know how many of these are still … I don't know how many of these are still valid.]http://www.hotukdeals.com/vouchersEmpireStores15 off 45.00 ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStores20% ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStores£10 off 70.00 ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStores£10.52 off 29.00 ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStores£5 ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStores£10 off13/05/2007 ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStores25% off + Free gift ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStores0 ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStoresFree Advent Snowman ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStores£10 off 20.0030/04/2007 ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStores£10 Discount, plus a free electrical gift off 29.00 ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStores£15 off 99.00 ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStores£10 Off £20 ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStores£10 off 20.00 ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStores£10 off 99.00 ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStores£10 off 20.00 ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStoresFree Alba Cassette Player off 20.00 ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStores5% Discount ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStores£8.53 Discount ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStores£10 Off £20 ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]EmpireStores£5 ][COLOR=#0000ff]EmpireStores discount code[/COLOR]


use order code PB1178, it works on all sale items to give you a £15.00 … use order code PB1178, it works on all sale items to give you a £15.00 discount on a £30.00 order, you can use it up to three times (i have) or use it on the following items so you pay only £3.94 for the lot. JB3610 ben sherman sprays (buy 1 get 1 free usually £9.99 each) CK8921 mens (also suitable for women) crew neck t-shirts (order 4 in your choice of sizes and colours usually £3.99 each) and CF6418 mens nevada jeans (only certain sizes and colours avaliable as its a sale item, usually £9.99 in the main catalogue) hope this comes in handy, 10 people have replied to me saying that their orders have been recieved!!!!!! happy shopping!!!! ITS TIME TO GET ONE OVER ON THESE LARGE COMPANIES!!!!!!!!!

I used the code & ordered a pair of curtains & 5 T shirts & got the lot for £3.94, despatched today & price confirmed on despatch email!!
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