Wanted: Fanta Want It Win it codes

    If anyone buys a can or bottle of fanta with the logo on the side with the only intention of drinking the liquid inside, do they think they could let me have the code on the can or wrapper of the bottle.

    Rep will be given to anyone that gives me a code.



    I don't have a code but I have a voucher for £5 off £50 spend through said promotion if you want it.

    Original Poster

    I thought the codes were account specific.

    I can't see how as the two accounts don't tie up. I'll send you it and you can try it if you like. I'm not going to use it.

    Original Poster

    ok. Ill give it a try.

    Original Poster

    Oh wow what do you know. It worked!!

    Rep left.

    You're welcome

    Original Poster

    Keep em coming btw. Still got a few more things I would like to buy/preorder.

    Original Poster

    Still after those codes. If anyone has any, it would be a great help. Especially with it being the last few days.
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