Wanted: Flash Cartridge for NDSL Nintendo DS Lite

    Just after a cheap, cheerful and working one really for my girlfriend's sister, I'm not too fussed about which one as long as it works and doesn't stick out too much from the console, and also if it's one that requires a detailed interactive menu to be used then I would prefer one which can have extra languages selectable or installed on it since she doesn't speak any English.

    I know the one that I had just booted to a game selection menu though so if that's the case then it's fine since I will be setting it up and then sending it to her.



    you mean like a dstt

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    Yeah, something like that.

    I had mine in the days when you still need a passkey and I don't have a DS anymore so I'm not too familiar with the newer cards, I know they are a lot cheaper these days though.

    better off getting you own from DX and a Micro sdhc card ive had plenty ttds's from them and never had a problem the Micro sdhc get from and i can help with links............

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    Well it's just that DX take a while to ship stuff and since I've seen people selling them on here for the £5-10 mark, I didn't know if it was really worth importing one, I have a couple of mates in China who send me some PS3 and 360 stuff occasionally but they don't touch anything like this.

    I'll have a look on DX though and see how much they are I think, but the last time I ordered from them, the stuff took around 3 weeks to get here.

    strange all my orders have only taken just over a week but i have heard of some problems from other users........I do belive someone is selling them on flea bay..................

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    That link is dead mate (I did replace the asterisks) but I suppose that's a bit academic anyway really since I don't have an ebay account anymore.

    The DSTT is 31.90 USD on DX with a 2 gig sd card, it looks like a fairly decent card but I'm not even too sure if she needs anything that fancy really, she just needs to be able to read roms from a mini-sd and preferably with a Japanese selection menu.

    you can get the software for the dstt in japanese (:

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    I was looking at that one, but to be honest for an extra 3 quid delivered you can get it from a UK seller on amazon.

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    I got one anyway, this can be closed now.

    Thanks for all your help Chuf.
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