Wanted, Flip style Camcorders - not HD

    Hi, I've asked about these before, but unfortunately the ones people linked me to are now OOS. I'm buying them for a class of kids to use and my budget to buy them has only just come in!

    Are there any decent ones out there, would prefer a brand name if possible (mainly as I think the kids will respect them a little more and treat them a little gentler)

    Looking around, I'd REALLY like to avoid HD ones as the H.264 / AVCHD file format is a monumental pain to do things with and 'Ease of Use' is the main reason for this style of camera. Ideally I want a file format I can get into windows movie maker in 1 step.

    Any tips would be great!




    This looks pretty good.…99/

    If you are buying a few, call them up and ask if they will give you a discount.

    waterproof, choice of colours, £26.99 at currys.…tml

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys,

    The Veho one is tiny! Thinking about it, this one seems too easy to lose.

    I like the currys one, now just got to see if any local place has it in stock?

    if you like the currys one, amazon have them at the same price, both colours…1-5

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