Wanted, Football Boots brand New...Size 10 New or Nearly New

Basically started playing 5 a side again and need some decent footy boots.

I had a look on eBay and they aren't too badly priced.
If anyone knows of anywhere good to buy from or has any *NEW* ones they want to get rid of then just post them and i'll have a look.

If worn about twice or look new and dont smell lol, ill consider them........


Sports Soccer (Sports World) is a good place. They sell leather Umbro astro and studded boots from about £12.

I have some - hubby only used once pay for postage and you can have them or collect Swansea
sizee 10

Have a pair of Nike Red Total 90's for astroturf size 10.5
Worn only twice but too tight for me..!!
Yours for a tenner plus couple of quid postage..
Rubber small studs (or pips as my youngest calls them). Ideal for 5-a-side

Like the ones below...


Try Mark Viduka at NUFC, he never wears his!


Try Mark Viduka at NUFC, he never wears his!

Yeah, a pair of them at Middlesbrough too....:whistling:
**One careful owner, worn a few times, few scuffs but ok**

Ha ha Darlo nige nice one!

Original Poster

haha, thanks everyone, i managed to get some from Sports direct with a bit of discount as well How cheap am I lol!

Still thanks for the posts and offers.

Thread closed @ OP request. Thanks.

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