WANTED: Free 2-month pass to World War II Online / Battleground Europe


    I'm a past player of WWIIOL BE, playing in 2006. However, my system, even at that time, was poor (to say the least) and I wasn't able to get anything out of the game.

    Now, for XMAS, I've been gifted a shiny new notebook and I'm keen to get online again ASAP.

    I'm keen to join up with the game again - and I'm aware of the various hoops I've got to jump through to do so - but in order to start I'd love to get my hands on an E-Gift card that the Rats have made available (see…008 ) so to get me back online for free for a couple of months.

    Please note, this comes at no cost to you, if you're a member!

    Can anyone here help me out please? I played under the moniker of 0CTAV1AN, if anyone remembers - I'm a grunt, but a happy grunt!




    you what????????????/

    Original Poster


    you what????????????/

    I was just hoping that someone on here was a player of the MMOFPS World War II Online Battleground Europe.

    Their admins are having a XMAS/New Year special whereby they are giving away two month passes to new users. The deal is a premium player just sends me a free invite, I sign up and get two months free gametime.

    There don't seem to be many WWIIOL forums where I can post without being a player already, so I thought I'd try on here.

    Just asking!
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