Wanted: Free Mobo/Cpu bundle for my server

    Hi, does anyone have a mobo/cpu bundle that they no longer use?
    Can pay postage, just im building a server and need some bits to put in it.
    If anyone could help me out i would be really gratefull. Thanks



    Moved to MISC as it's a 'Freebie' p&p only request & therefore excluded from sales feedback, thanks

    What sort of power are you looking for? Might have something laying about here somewhere!

    Original Poster

    anythign really, just enough to run ubuntu server, would prefer sata onboard but not essential. thanks

    I'll have a nose in the morning and let you know if I find something for you

    Original Poster

    that would be great cheers!!

    Not had much of a chance to have a look today (been busy helping a friend sand their stairs and looking for a wireless xbox receiver!). Will have a look for you tomorrow morning! Sorry

    Original Poster

    no probs, just let me know when you have had a chance to look. thanks!

    Couldn't find anything I'm afraid. Must've cleared them all out last time I sold off loads of bits! Sorry about that! Could have sworn I had a few left boxed up!

    Original Poster

    anyong got anything??
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