wanted - free virus protection software

    wanted - free virus/spyware/adware software, whats the best??



    wanted - free virus/spyware/adware software, whats the best??

    Free Virus - Avast ( i have used it for the last 2 years and have had no bad experiences with it. It regularly updates itself and it does not drain all your resources

    Free Spyware And Adware - download and install all these programs Ad-Aware ( Spybot Search And Destroy (…tml) Windows Defender (…spx) once again i use these regularly with no bad experiences

    Also download a cracking (i don't mean illegal LOL) program called CCleaner ( and watch your computer free up disk space and perform faster

    I can personally vouch for all these programs as they are run each and every day

    Kaspersky have a free beta version. Not only is it completely stable, Kaspersky is widely regarded as one of the best AV companies out there. This version includes AV, firewall, anti-spam and (limited) anti-spyware.

    If you don't want a beta version AOL's Active Virus Shield is free and simply a rebranded version of Kaspersky AV.

    As for spyware, I'll vouch for a combination of Windows Defender, Spybot Search & Destroy and Spyware Blaster. Plus if you're really bothered, install Firefox and get the NoScript and CookieSafe extensions and allow only sites you trust to set cookies and use Javascript.

    I use AVG and find it very good. You can download a months trial of their anti virus spyware for free.
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