Wanted Freesat set up including dish

    Parents aerial reception is terrible. Im not sure they want to sign up to sky, so was thinking maybe they could go for freesat.. they dont have a dish and it would be good if they could use a box that records.. ive had a look around, but was wondering if there were any deals about for installation too.



    Freesat is quite good . All you need is a dish @ 28.2* and a suitable reciever. Depending on where you live you have 2 options on dish size. Zone1 is 43cms , England South or Zone2 , 62cms Northern England & Ireland.
    Get the bigger dish to be sure you dont get a poor reception when it's raining etc. There easy to fit if you wanted to do it yourself , any south facing wall with no obstructions like trees ,flats in the way . Doesn't have to be on the roof either or near the roof . Half way down the wall will survice for an easy fitting . I've bought 2 Bush systems for a customer , both from Argos , SD & HD sets . Excellent picture quality ,but you dont get the amount of channels as you would on Freeview .

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    thanks for the info. not sure if dads confident enough to fit himself.. was looking for a deal that included installation.. but looks like those deals have long dried up. all i can find is £100 for installation. £200 for a box that records

    ive got a freesat hd box brand new and sealed. bought it for £160 but then ended up getting virgin media. i will take £150 for it if u want

    Check Maplins, they do a complete system in a box.


    Check Maplins, they do a complete system in a box.

    Yeah ,but do they fit it ?

    I think the OP wants supply & fit .
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