Wanted: Full Hdtv, 1080p for around £1000

    Lookin for a full hd tv for around £1000. preferably a samsung/sony and 40/42inch. Have had a look at these to and theres a small difference but is that difference really worth it?
    p.s its £1,000 jus for the tv no stand or accessories etc.
    Theres this one -…win
    which is full hd and the contrast is 6,000:1.
    And this one -…NB8
    which is also full hd and 25,000:1

    Will the contrast really make much of a difference and is it worth it????


    Go makro they have a good 1080p tv - for about £899 but you gotta pay vat on that but have a look if you have a makro

    i have a 40" samsung 1080p i bought on here a few months ago its a great LCD but not sure if you need a 1080p unless your going to get a hd player ie Blu-ray or HD-DVD no need to spend a grand the samsung can be bought around £830 ish delivered.

    sky Hd is 1080i

    Samsung LE40F71BX 40 Inch HD and Blu Ray Ready LCD TV

    is the setup i have, i also have a 40" 1080i upstairs
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