Wanted Game Cube Games

Hi All

Does anyone know of any good sites to buy game cube games from? My son is 7 so they need to be suitable for his age. Almost all of the games I keep seeing are for age 12 and I'm keen to keep him away from the blood and guts for as long as possible!! Also have you any suggestions on what would be good games to look for.

Thank you for any help!



Not sure where to buy from other than eBay, but you are pretty safe with Mario games, I think I may have Luigis Mansion and Mario Kart somewhere if you are interested? Also, Pokemon games are pretty harmless

Mario Kart (Double Dash) is a good game and suitable for all ages. Should keep him entertained for a while...

As for where to buy the games, few shops / websites sell them new now. They are reasonable prices (preowned) in specialist shops such as Game and Gamestation.

take a look at Cex...

cex ftw
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