WANTED- good spec for a laptop

    Afternoon everyone

    since im at home, ill (cough cough) when i should be at school hukd's got the better of me and i can't help browsing for a new/better laptop.

    at the moment im on a dell inspiron 1300

    Intel(R) Celeron(R) M
    Processor 1.60GHz
    1.60GHz, 0.99 GB of RAM
    Physical Address Extension

    if ive missed anything out there, tell me (in good detail) n il try and get it

    So, since all i know all i know about computers from experimenting with a click here and a click there. I don't know a lot

    i mostly use it for msn, microsoft word 07, vista would be nice, limewire the basics really

    looking at a 2gig for ram
    modest hdd as im gettin a new ipod hopefully soon, at the moment i fink ive got 60G
    dont knw much about processors, jus tht they make it faster.
    erm, wifi. i guess they all have that now. id rather a smaller laptop then a bigger one, so any suggestions are very welcome

    maxium, maxium budget is £600.00

    ones that ive seen:

    ive seen a really nice packard bell laptop in currys digital in york, searched for it on internet and couldn't find it

    and this one:…ort
    if it has for example like the above laptop the VAT stated, i can kept the vat back by putting it throught my dads business.

    anyway thanks for takin the time lookin/thinkin/helping



    That second one is a perfectly reasonable mid-range laptop.

    Im not convinced you need 2 gig of ram on a laptop, but I'll look anyway

    I can save you a fair bit if your willing to take a slight hit on the graphics chip (its an X2300 - not specified on link), - i.e.: if you aren't planning on playing too many chart games…848 which is £512 with free delivery

    looks like the one I've linked throws in an extra year's warranty, as well

    Original Poster

    cheers, that looks great.

    well yeah 1G serves me fine, but if i sell this dell i might aswell get a better one. so at least i wont have to upgrade..........for awhile.

    thanks again

    what about this-…D=1

    Thats an ultra-portable machine: - its inevitably notably slower than either of the other two posted - and the craphics chip on that vaio is really quite poor

    Original Poster

    o rite, thanks for th guidance!:-D
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