WANTED: GUITAR Hero world tour - guitar only for PS2

    Hi there, a friend is looking to get her son the GHWT but doesn't want to spend £70. I promised I'd ask around for a decent deal or just to get the guitar by itself. (can even be third party but must be compatible with the newest games.

    Would also consider a second hand as new guitar for ps2.

    thanks in advance.


    hi i have Guitar Hero III 3 Legends Of Rock Guitar And Game boxed only used once
    then put back in box guitar is wireless

    also have Guitar Hero guitar and game all boxed (game is still sealed) guitar is new
    again never used with stickers sheet not used

    both on ps2

    let me know if any good

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    Thanks for the reply. Any idea if the guitar with guitar hero III works with the new series of guitar hero? I think they have like a whammy bar and 'slide' area...

    If so can you let me know what price you were wanting and supply pics too please.

    i think all guitar hero games work on it was looking for £27 deliverd for guitar hero 3 if we can agree on a price iwill put up a pic would want to know if the price is ok before i take everything out of the box

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    I can get it new for £29.95 delivered from h**p://cgi.****…79d

    Would you consider just selling just the guitar and can you confirm if it has the wammy and the 'slide' bit at the higher notes of the frets?
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    hi guitar has the wammy and has a long bar at the bottom with 2 bottons there is 5 colourd bottons at the top of guitar its the GUITAR-HERO-III-3-LEGENDS-OF-ROCK BOX SET

    can sell it for £23 deliverd or if you did just want the guitar then £17 the box is a bit worm but contents are as new

    Have you got any games?

    If I'm right in thinking the OP only wants the guitar controller?

    By the way OP, try gamestation. Either instore or online, Their guitar prices are rather cheap and bundles are usually a better purchse.

    That's where I'd try if no luck on here!! Good Luck.
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    There doesn't seem to be a great stock online. You could always ring your stores?

    I've found loads of cheap stuff behind the counter in gamestations before.

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    Thanks mupping boo... i'm still not sure if it's the newer one or not. are you able to supply a pic of just the guitar please?

    Thanks firth, i may also ring around.

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    thanks for the pics.. unfortunately it doesn't look like it has the new 'slide' bit so I'll have to keep looking.

    I have the guitar hero 5 pack and that has the slider, that may be the earliest one for ps2. They are all compatible though.

    Mupping, are you willing to sell the GH2 game on it's own?

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    Hi firth... which guitar do you think i'm after? Is GH5 the latest guitar?


    Hi firth... which guitar do you think i'm after? Is GH5 the latest … Hi firth... which guitar do you think i'm after? Is GH5 the latest guitar?

    Well I have guitar Hero 5 and this came with the slider. I think it's the earliest one for the ps2 with the slider?

    did you try gamestation?
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