Wanted - Halo Reach Flaming Helmet Code - Will trade a banshee prop code

    Willing to trade a banshee avatar prop code for a flaming helmet code for halo reach ( The code for the in-game spratan, usually with the legendary version of halo reach

    Note: You will have to send the code first, so i can verify it( Many people have tried to scam me from getting me to send it first and they dont)

    Please comment or PM me if interested


    lol good luck getting one. There £30+ on ebay. Here's one u can buy on ebay 290525318282

    Original Poster

    thats because its more than just that code

    I don't think there is a code for the helmet on it's own. The one code gives you all the legendary stuff.

    its crap, you make yourself sniper fodder

    Original Poster

    i think it looks cool

    lol scrounging noob.

    Original Poster


    lol scrounging noob.

    Why you being rude

    I've got one and i've never got round to selling it. They still worth £30?

    Original Poster

    only an idiot will pay £30 for that

    I have the code add me on xbl my gt is Major PancakeZ?

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