wanted help finding chicken smoked bacon and mushroom sausages

hi the local sausage shop man has died and although i feel for his family im flapping on where to get these i have lost 4st recently and im a big sausage fan and low fat sausages from thesupermarket are gross but these are so nice tasty and no fat drips out of my george so if anybody knows where i could get some from i would be forever gratefull and would add repx they are chicken smoked bacon and mushroom xx


Possibly the most bizarre thread of the day.

I see you're deep in mourning for the man! :lol:

they sound nice but never heard of them sorry.

Another butcher?

For serious sausage knuts.
Wll design and make for you.

Bless lol

Omg Wtf Lol
No fat drips out of your gorge.

wow a sausage shop never seen 1 of those

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they arnt really a butcher type thing more speciality sausage man x

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http://www.gallowaysmokehouse.co.uk/store/other-smoked-foods/smoked-chicken-with-bacon-sausages/prod_42.htmlThere you go!

thankyou will try them tho no mushoom in might not notice lol thanks so much xxx

Just lay of the kebabs and you'll be fine.

what happened to the man that died in the sausage shop... did they mince him up?

Sorry I can't help,I was distraught when everywhere stopped doing 'tomato sausages' they were quite easy 2 get but can't find them now????? (& it looked like they were bleedin when you cut them open,Bonus!!) Lol. Sorry to hear of the death of your local 'sausagemeister'

My doris has a sausage shop, I am always in there... :w00t:

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You might find them here http://www.sausagerus.co.uk/


Going off topic slightly - anyone know where I can get some good quality sausage skins? - The sausagesarus website posted above has got me wanting to have a go at making my own


For serious sausage knuts.http://www.designasausage.comWll design and … For serious sausage knuts.http://www.designasausage.comWll design and make for you.

Never mind, I found them here - thnx aylesby :thumbsup:
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