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Found 24th May 2008
We are lookiing for a kitchen with high gloss units (preferably in green/blue) but cannot pay the high prices that most kitchen designers charge. Does anyone know of any kitchen suppliers that do high gloss styles that are not ridiculously expensive??

I would be very grateful for any advice


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Why dont you recondition your old units (doors) I have done it a few times for family & friends. You need to know someone that sprays cars, You get the same high gloss finish your looking for.


This weekend B&Q have kitchens at half price,go down and have a look or check it out online at [url]www.diy.com[/url].

Hi try this company
ebay item 250250552568

supply Jewsons and look good quality.

try howdens, magnet or even ikea, all are cheap and cheerful. if you know someone in the house building game and they use one of these or a similar supplier i.e. sigma 3 - the discounts availabe are pretty significant

Ikea normally have some glossy units but not sure what colours at the moment.

Try screwfix

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