Wanted: Hosting Package for under £75 Per Year

    Needs to have the usual SQL/FTP/Email Accs/SSH, but also large/unlimited storage and bandwidth

    Seen one site offering this sort of thing on anyone had any dealings


    Try not too well known but no problems in my 2 years with them.

    Good guys and did a 'Made-to-measure' package for me


    I have been using ] for about a year now, with the strong pound in the US of A, you are basically getting it for half price. I have had no complaints about them compared with the 2 previous ones. They were ranked no 3 at this site ]http//ww…om/.

    Good luck with whatever choice you make.

    I recommend

    I've been with them for well over a year and moved all my sites across. The freindliest most helpful people you could ever wish to meet and the hosting has never been down once since I have been there.

    One of them even spent hours helping me with my first site as I didnt have a clue.

    You can install Joomla with a couple of clicks here - I cant even rave about them enough

    The cost is just £1.99 a month for this:
    2000MB Web Space
    20GB Bandwidth
    1000 Mail Boxes
    10 MySQL Databases
    Website Builder
    Free and Fast Support
    Powerful Control Panel
    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    24 hour customer service
    and more....

    I cant recommend them enough!

    Sometimes they have a deal on where you get the first month free or a %5 or 10% code - if you need one let me know and I'll go through my old emails and dig you one out.

    Kel are best in my oppinion UK servers, really fast and really cheap!

    I just checked through my emails and I'm soooooooooooo glad I did!

    [url][/url] (which are also a UK hosting company) have brought out a new code! yay!

    newyear08 - that code is for everything I mentioned above for £1 a month for 12 months, after that it goes up to £1.99. (£12 for the first year, £24 thereafter). Any you can pay monthly by paypal, so you dont even have to fork it out all at once - yay!

    SNUK10% - thats for 10% off

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