Wanted: I want to buy your old/redundant *IDE* (PATA) Hard Drive!

    Anyone got an IDE (not SATA!) drive they want to sell me?? Given that IDE is now pretty long in the tooth, i was hoping someone might have one lying about unused that I can give them a few quid for, win-win so to speak ;-)

    TIA, dan


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    sorry, meant to say, capacity needs to be at least 200Gb and the drive needs to be in good working order (i.e. not preporting any 'bad sectors' or starting to vibrate/self combust !!! ;-)

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    no-one got a redundant IDE drive gathering dust that i can give them some money for????


    might be worth doing a wanted post in the for sale/ for trade forum

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    (i am an ar*e) -- cheers guerilla for spotting my ineptitude...
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