Wanted: Inflatable Goat

    lol a bit of a strange request, its not for any sexual/perverse reasons
    we call my mate 'the goat' and need one for his stag
    anyone got any ideas where i can get one from?



    [SIZE=2]anyone got any ideas where i can get one from?[/SIZE]

    Strangely enough - no, I havent got a clue!!! sorry!

    But, Birthday stores with a Partyland within them do sell goat masks!

    Dont ask how I know but you can get blow up sheep on an infamous auction site. With a bit of thought you can proberbly change its appearance slightly. Anyway after a few sherbets who can tell the difference?

    Get the mask and ram it on the sheep, job done.

    sorry no, I've heard of blow up billy goats but just googled and could only find them in USA

    Original Poster

    [SIZE=2]LOL @ the pun[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]i think i might have to resort to the mask on a sheep[/SIZE]
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