WANTED: iPhone 4 p&g

    Firstly sorry for another iphone thread.. I know they come up all the time but was finding the search on here not so good?

    So I got an iPhone 4 on contract and it got pinched the next day (!) My insurance have said they don't have any in stock so are giving me cash.


    a) Does anyone know where to find the best deals on pay as you go iphone 4's?

    b) If I get one from CEX will they allow me to add that phone to my policy? (Im guessing not)

    c) If I got a refurbished one from three or carphonewarehouse etc will my insurance let me add it to my policy?

    d) If I jailbreak it can I unlock it to use on Three? Might be able to find it cheaper on another network so this might be an option

    Thanks guys!

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