Wanted iPhone 6s

Found 11th Aug 2017

I have been given £360 to buy a iPhone for a family member

what are my options, is it safe to buy from a normal seller on eBay ? I'm worried about the iTunes lock being activated and I'm stuck with a dead phone

any clarification on how the iLock works and where is the best place to buy form

I have seen many refurbished ones that look very good value

thanks in advance
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The iTunes lock isn't something you need to worry about, that should be removed before you get it and can't be put back on but the phone can be then blocked at any time. eBay is full if scammers. I would be thinking if one if the reputable stores, o2 do some good like new phones and have perfectly fine ones for less than £300. If your friend wants to go down the o2 refresh route you can get some good deals on a 7 think they have gone up but two weeks ago many of us got ones for £277 under the refresh deal and mine had 11.5 months of apple warranty left on it.

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