wanted iphone 8gb new wheres the cheapest ?

    £269 is the cheapest i can find my sis lives in utah do them for $399 free shipping so is my best way of doing this get her to buy 1 then ship it to me so should work out around £220 inc p/p or is there a cheaper method

    also who has the cheapest 12 month contract at the mo for a free n95 8gb to then sell to pay for the iphone


    £220 is good for an Iphone, unlocking is also easy. Apple prices are stadard everywhere pretty much although there is a discount code floating around that brings it down to in the region of £240.

    You could try ebay where you might find a bargain.

    In that case importing is probably a good idea although be prepared for potential customs charges.

    my friends selling iphones atm think its 8gb only for £150 if ur interested ill ask him to save one for ya

    the porter;1828557

    £150 for an 8gb one ? which lorry did they fall off lol if its straight … £150 for an 8gb one ? which lorry did they fall off lol if its straight up i wouldnt say no at that price

    yh thats what im thinking he only told me yesturday so ill call him now and ask about details...ill get bk to ya

    I've had items marked as 'Gift' customs charged - does minimise the risk though.

    my bad, he said he would give me one for £150 he said there bought wholesale and there unlocked,his next delivery is in on the 16th he said if you can hold on til then he will do you a deal for £240....sounds like utah is the best deal for u tho....

    lol i no cant wait to get it but gota wait til 16th *wipes tear*...

    Would there be any sales tax if we buy it in the states? The website states 399USD, but what is the final price?

    Have you bought an iPhone?
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