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    hi all, my daughter is after buying a iphone on o2 network. She wants a pay as you go deal with no adding a extra sim and top up. she is looking forward to her 1st full wage and is going to treat herself. would appreciate any help and advice. tnks shaz


    Tell her not to buy one until June/july when the new one will be out, otherwise she may regret it!

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    tnks in advance


    AS above best to wait till june-july new iphone should be out.

    also if your daughter does get an iphone she may need ( preference ) to get a sim card of the 02 website that gives you unlimted calls texts for £15 a month

    the must is the £10 unlimted internet bolt-on which will come of the £15, ( you will be left with £5 for xnet calls/landline )

    as the iphone is always connected to the internet and will use up any balance.

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    tnks for the tips, she only after a 8 gig, that should be enough for what she needs.
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