Wanted! Itunes Vouchers...

    I'm sure there used to be a website that sold Itunes vouchers of £100 in value for around £27-30. Does anywhere know of the website or any other options out there to obtain a voucher on the cheap??

    £50 or £100 more desirable as I'm wanting to buy films and seasons such as Lost to go on my Ipod. Rep given to all helpers.

    Thanks guys


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    Bump 1!

    you can buy stuff like this on fleabay - not sure if they are legit or legal given the difference in value vs cost?? Search itunes

    I can't remember myself atm, but I know they had to be used up in like a 24 hour period or some such, that's why they were so incredibly cheap and probably not around any more.

    website was [url][/url]

    it has now shut down, there seems to be an amercian one but dont know if youd have to open a new account


    The original one was great and used them plenty of times, had no expiry either, as used mine over about a years time, very good, hope they come back, if anyone goes for the american ones let us know how they get on

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    Thanks guys for the info, much appreciated.
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