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Found 30th Jun 2009
hay dose anyone have anything like a plastic jesus that gives you advice and wha not when ya pull the strng? or a blow up jesus or anything along them lines?

or muslim/seek or any religion really. and looking for relgious t-shirts like jesus power or god is great things
- hockeyguy09

ow and also looking for a ladies all americain suit like a suit made up of the americain flag.
- hockeyguy09

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OMG, drugs dont work dude, honest

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lol for a wee party ima having

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first bump? itsa for a good cause lol

Jesus is my home boy t shirt plenty of them on ebay..

Jesus Action Figure any good??


He has Posable arms :lol:

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Jesus Action Figure any … Jesus Action Figure any good??http://www.play.com/Gadgets/Gadgets/4-/3499082/Jesus-Action-Figure/Product.htmlHe has Posable arms :lol:

perfect bought thanks. anymore? and i dont gota ebay account

Jesus fancy dress costume ]here (tunic, toga, crown of thorns). Its got 5 quid knocked off.


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mmmm not too sure bout the jesus dress up i already have my all americain suit and getting me girl the naughty muslim dress up hehe i do go to some pretty ****ed up parties
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