WANTED: Ladies workout wear as in pics in post

    Sis has decided she wants to get fit and is looking for some workout wear, has had a look on fleabay but can't find the type of thing shes looking for.

    Shes after the sort of thing worn by the 2 soapstars in post below (the ones in the before pics not the after ones :D)

    Looking for either a size 18 or 20 (or equivilent)

    Anybody help? Or even point us in the right direction as shes not got a clue what those clingy tops are called lol.


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    Hi, she could try


    They have quite a good sale on at the minute.

    Also ,…htm

    It loks like they are just vest tops and hot pants/shorts?
    She might want a sports bra too.…=64 sports vests, some with support. Some have matching bottoms too.

    She could just buy a standard vest top from a highstreet store like River Island/New look/Bay and get some standard shorts which wouldn't cost much at all.

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    Thanks to both of you :thumbsup:

    im a similar size and i got mine and a crop top sports bra from marks and spencers on line, fab quality and hold some of the wobbly bits in!:roll:


    This place is a bit specialist but has some great gear. I use their underarmour for badminton.

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