wanted laptop for sons birthday? help

    hi all, basically my son will be 7 on tuesday and has asked for a laptop!
    I know you're probably think spoilt so and so! but we have a big family, who give him money every year and then he spends it on somthing good so now he has asked for a laptop I'm unsure at the moment what id need to get ? can anyone help?
    Will have £200ish if not a bit more to spend on one. I've heard I need a laptop not a netbook is that right as he wants to be able to play games on it from cartoon network
    Not too big and bulky
    he will be using it for the net, listening to music and playing games ie cartoon network


    i think pc world do a simple own branded laptop for around 250-279

    its like emachines or something and its their own brand

    can do basic gaming etc and has the usual stuff and should be ablke to play all simple games but none of the top ten in gaming chart games etc

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    cheers will check

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    I know what your saying it is a good idea he somtimes shows me things! lol anything to get him to do is homework would be great! thanks

    Netbooks can play things like the flash-based games on websites, it's the more complicated games generally bought seperately that they can't manage. I'd wait for someone with 7 year old children to confirm this, but I'd imagine almost all games designed for them are designed to run on computers without powerful graphics cards and will probably run pretty well on a netbook.

    You will need one running windows XP though, they won't all be designed for Linux.

    there is a dual core dell d420 on big pockets just now 12" screen
    light and portable for young hands and very robust
    easily upgraded as he grows and can take discrete graphics card if required
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