Wanted : Laptop Mobile CPU 1G RAM, Graphics....

    Hello everyone, first post so go easy! This site is fantastic, have been checking it every day since I discovered it :-D , just getting round to registering now.

    My current acer travelmate(800) is soon three years old and I am thinking of replacing it.

    My main concerns are for at least 1GB of memory, as big a hard drive as possible (80GB+) and a dedicated graphics processor. A mobile CPU (eg centrino) is preferred. I run multiple programs for uni that tend to eat up memory, and would like to play some of the newer FPS games and Pro Evo! Other features are secondary but plenty of usb ports is a plus as well as a quality screen (15.5 inches or less preferably!).

    My price point is about £600, but will stretch for the right machine.

    If you know of or see any deals, please let me know!


    Hello mate, point for point we are looking for:

    1gb memory

    80gb hd+

    Dual core cpu (I say this because of your statement that you run multiple apps).

    Dedicated graphics, now here is an explanation for you to take into account which a lot of people take for granted. (This is aimed at people who want a good gaming laptop as this person has asked for).

    (GeforceGo series and their turbo cache use a lot of system memory, if a laptop is advertising the GeforceGo series with 128mb (Turbo Cached) then you can guarantee that at LEAST 32mb of this will be taken from your system, (that is a whole 32mb (at least, most probably 64mb) taken from your dedicated system memory, leaving you with just 96mb, MAXIMUM for dedicated gaming). Don't get me wrong The GeForce Go series are very good, but they have marketed it in a way so that the public think they are getting a laptop that is better than what it is. The Go series is not good enough for a gaming laptop. In other words it is a way to fool the general public into thinking it has a full 128mb of video ram, which it does not!).

    Lets just say it will be as good as a Geforce 6200le on a desktop (google graphics card benchmarks and find out), yes it will play games, it will do 80% of people the world of good, but for those who are asking for a laptop to play games then go from a lower processor, 1gb ram and look for a laptop with a nice graphics card, something that is dedicated, if it ever states Turbo Chache within any system then you know now know it's not as good as it sounds.

    Also from your post, In this day and age forget about the old mobile CPU's, it's all about dual core no with the the best being a chip called core 2 duo from Intel. For what your asking you are not going to get that along with a good "dedicated" video card, I have put the word dedicated in speech marks because of your post and I have commented on this above.

    So after all my babbling on lets get this laptop you want for £600!!!

    1) Dual Core (Not core 2 as it's not cost efficient within your needs)
    2) 1gb memroy
    3) 80gb hard drive
    4) Dedicated graphics
    5) £600 budget.

    Anyone fancy a challenge and help me out on my search?

    |Our resident Dinosaur has a monster laptop for sale, the dedicated X700 128mb graphics will be spot on for you, will beat the 7300 Go series for certain. But no dual core processor that I was looking for. But! The actual Pentium M included is a very good version

    Comes with Digital TV tuner, the small 15" screen you asked for (wide screen yes, but better than you will get at this price).

    Massive 100gb hard drive.

    DVD burner.

    Massive 1gb ram.

    Multi Card reader.

    Finger Print reader,

    Full Mulit Media Functions - remote control etc.

    Come on dude, this is what you have been looking for.

    here it…376


    For anyone wanting to know which graphics chips are good or bad in laptops then here is a nice chart for you below, just scroll down and they have then from lowest to highest. The higher the number on the the end the better the chip:…166
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