Wanted: Laptop under £500 please

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Found 8th Mar 2007

My friend has asked me for advice on a laptop under £500 (seems that because I work in IT i should know everything about computers from price to how to fix them haha)

She just said she wants wireless, put all her files, photos and mp3's on (no idea of how many).

I have been looking through the hot deals, but after reading all the comments where people are arguing over 7200widget and 7600widget I am a bit confused.
So over to you guys who know.......
What should she buy..

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Is this any good, seems to have the spec she needs



This will do the job with ease...personally I'd opt for the ebuyer deal then she will not have the hassle of upgrading the RAM.

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Cheers the ebuyer does look like a good deal, except i don't think it comes with an Office suite which my friend wants... or does it?

You will not get an office suite with a laptop in this price range...probably MS Works

Why not download the free open office suite that is compatible with MS office
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