Wanted: Laptop with 512mb Gfx card

    Hi, i'm after a laptop that has a 512mb gfx card and is reaonably priced. my last 5 laptops have all been dell, and to be honest i fancy a change.

    I have a maximum of £700 to spend, but am struggling to find a gaming laptop at this price, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? ideally it'll have a 15.4" screen or smaller...dont fancy another 17" one to have to lug around! I'm thinking i'll have to lower my expectations to a laptop with a 256mb card.

    I dont recall any deals on here recently, but am happy to be proved wrong! so if anyone knows of any, please let me know! i most of the sites i go on dont have the option to sort by gfx card so i end up having to trawl through pages and pages of laptops checking the specs individually.....

    thanks in adavnce

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    check out the precision m4400 with the quadro fx770

    that or the new 16" XPS with the ATI 3670

    if you would over look the 17" barrier a precision m6300 can be had with a fx1600m (8700GT) which is a spot on card for the money. (would have to be bough off ebay (I did) but they almost all come with 3 years standard dell warantee)

    ^^ I have the above laptop and it does suffer from size/weight issues, however I can stretch the battery out for 5 &1/2 hours which is a rarety in many laptops even those designed for portability with a discrete graphics sollution.
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