Wanted Lcd for under £650

    Hi all i'm looking to buy a new lcd hd tv. preferably the bigger the better for under £650 which is my limit. Freeview is a bonus but not necessary.
    Any help would be grateful. :grin:

    Thanks Vince


    penty under this price put in google see what comes up
    ebuyer piximania but have a trawl through and see what you want. What else do you want to do with it? Use as a monitor, Freeview, wallmount it all counts

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    doesn't need to have freeview, would like to be able to use as a monitor for pc too and no to a wallmount. :thumbsup:

    Here is a 32" for £474 delivered



    Are you wanting to pay £650 or would you prefer something cheaper?

    Here is one at Argos that has a DVI input (don't think it says on the Argos site but it does have one). It sells at Argos for £499 but Makro are doing it for £399+VAT. Works out at, is it still 17.5% or has it changed? Anyway if it is you would get this for £469.


    Thanks SAFC1BeerMonster

    The Argos LCD TV is Window-advertised as HD Ready

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    I dont mind paying £650 thats my limit. If it has better the quality and performance.

    To be honest mate your price limit of £650 is stuck smack in the middle for a size upgrade. It looks like you are limited to a 32" (especially LCD as they are more difficult and certainly more expensive in larger sizes).

    So what are your exact requiremnets? Do you need HDCP decryption for SKY HD (To be honest I have not looked into this for a while, not sure if Sky will decrypt HD signals)? HDMI sockets or will DVI be sufficient? What signal will you be using to watch tv (sky, freeview or analogue)? Will you be connection your PC via VGA or DVI? What about a games console? How will you be connecting a dvd player (component, hdmi, or scart)?

    Just some questions so I can try and get the best deal to suit your needs.

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    Pc will be via DVI. I will be watching tv with normal sky at the moment. Cannot afford sky HD.

    I have a xbox 360 too which will be my main use for.
    Thanks for the help people. :-D

    Right so based on that I would recommend connections via:

    Sky - RGB Scart (Always make sure youy have RGB turned on on the Sky box settings).
    360 - component
    PC- obviously DVI - HDMI cable would be required (or you could go VGA).

    No DVD player? Then again you could just use your 360.

    Spend the full £650 on the smallest size you'd be happy with.

    i brought a 27" mirai for £300, and although its ok, its not great, pictures fine, but the company seems a bit rubbish and sound is poor on them, as well as little annoying things like hum on certain colour profiles, and taking ages to flick through different sources.

    Spend your full amount of money if you can, and go with something with componant, dvi, and freeview, i have got my freeview going in on a scart, and quality is poor, much better with a build in freeview designed to be in the tele, quality is alot better.

    LG are supposed to be the daddys of LCD, no freeview tho

    pixmania allow you to view tv's in your price range so check them out.

    Also xbox 360's look brilliant on 720i, thats why i got my lcd, you wont be disapointed.

    Have you seen this.. I have 2 of them already on 0% finance.. bargin


    Plus you can get money back via quidco

    Nope, you want this one. ]http//ww…962

    It does 1:1 for your PC over VGA which is perfect.

    Also 360 via component is flawless.

    I have just spent over 2 hours reading up on this tv. The very first batch was released in May this year and came with a dvi port, there were problems with this as it was actually a dual port but only half was enabled. This first batch was rushed out in time for the World Cup and since Hyundai have corrected the problem on those sets and now all of these sets come with a HDMI socket.

    These sets are perfect, as I say I have just psent 2 hours reading almost 200 pages regarding this tv. A lot of tv's do not give 1:1 ratio when connecting your PC but this one does which is a bonus. It also has 1200 (yes 1200) contrast ratio, which is fantastic for this type of tv. This tv is the latest model and uses the brand new panel, that is why you get such a good contrast ratio, the Evesham one listed only has 800:1 which is poor for a LCD screen.

    This screen also costs less than £600.

    If you want an in depth review then here is the massive thread for it, please disregard the first 100 pages or as info because these were the first batch, the final few pages will tell you that these sets are probably the best vlua for money out there and are perfect for your needs.


    For £600 this is what you need, and with the £50 saving I would buy a surround sound setup with amp, after all why buy a tv of this quality and settle for crap tv speakers, and to be honest if you want to plug your PC or laptop or 360 in via VGA you would need a seperate sound system because VGA does not travel audio.

    Out of stock but I will find out when they are due back in, I am also sure some other retailers has them, but you must make sure you get the A321 model as this is the only one with the new panel.

    Here youy go mate, £595 with free delivery.



    Have you seen this.. I have 2 of them already on 0% finance.. … Have you seen this.. I have 2 of them already on 0% finance.. bargin] you can get money back via quidco

    Have to say, I've just bought one of these on 0% finance too (althougt I missed out on this freebie offer by a couple of weeks - they were offering a glass stand which I didn't need...bah!). Couldn't be happier with the tv, great quality, no dead pixels, lovely design, easy to set up, even comes with a pc-tv cable to use as a monitor with my laptop. Would thoroughly recommend it.
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