WANTED: LCD monitor big enough to watch television on

    As the title states, want to use it as my PC screen and my tv screen, would prefer a brand but if its good quality then I'm not fussed. Has to be black or silver! Obviously needs a scart socket too.

    Got a 19" tv I think would like something of similar size, max 24" not really set myself a budget, but nothing over £200 please


    ive personally been looking at the samsung monitors. T220hd, 22", T240hd, 24"

    Both are monitor / tv hybrids. The 220 goes up to 1680x1050 and the 240 goes up to a nice 1920x1200

    220 will come in jus below £200, might be able to find it for £190 ish, whereas the 240 you'll be looking a bit more, £250. T240 is over budget i know, but as an option for the extra 2" and higher resolution, 50 quids isnt too bad!


    PS: you might be able to pick up a new T220hd on ebay for even less, £170 ish!

    Edit: Forgot to mention, they both have a variety of inputs, scart, component, composite, hdmi, DVI, and even VGA i think!

    Original Poster…tml

    is that not the same as the first one you posted but cheaper?

    it is *almost* the same. The t220hd i posted is a dual monitor / freeview (tv) unit, whereas your link is for the t220, which is just a monitor.

    The 220hd also boasts a lot more connections; scart, composite, component, dvi, vga, hdmi and aerial; along with a 2nd hdmi port on the side…jpg
    as opposed the regular 220 which has only dvi and vga…jpg

    If you want to watch tv straight through your monitor, then you may find getting a tv card and the 220 a better choice; whereas if you want to connect an xbox or other device to your tv, the 220hd would be a better option as it has a greater choice of connections.

    That being said, the 220 does have a VGA and DVI connection. If you're able to connect your peripherals via the VGA (xbox can do this) then you can have both the pc and console connected at once. HOWEVER, i dont know how the monitor deals with this, or how to switch between connections. The hd comes with built in speakers and a remote aswell!


    Hello, How about this 24" for under £155.…391

    Good luck finding
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